Wednesday, November 4, 2009


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Heey, ladies I'm sorry I haven't posted anything for a while & I apologize for that; the reason I haven't posted anything lately is because I made an account with Youtube and I am now posting video tutorials online. My first tutorial I did was a contest; I tried to let my creativity fly and hopefully I win this contest. Feel free to watch my contest entry here: If you like it post a comment, subscribe and rate :) NO HATE OR RUDE comments allowed. Feel free to leave suggestions; tips or anything you might like to tell me. NO SPAM PLEASE. From now on I'll be posting reviews on the Glamourxz YouTube account. For everyone who has problems with their speakers or anything else, leave a comment on the video I will post with reviews and I will make sure you get hear about my review on the blog.

I will now be posting reviews on shoes, makeup, lotions, body sprays and more. Once, again feel free to leave suggestions or contact me at

Also, make sure to check out the boutiques and shops on the right hand corner of the blog; they're really nice and they have helped me a lot by advertising the blog for me.

If you want me to advertise you on my blog send me an email to: it's completely free and there is no catch whatsoever, but there are certain things that we have to agree on.

PS: My birthday is coming up and I'm accepting Victoria's Secret gift cards, and Macy's gift cards If you want to surprise me with something let me know :)

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