Saturday, September 26, 2009

Discounts at Cherry Culture

Good afternoon readers, There is a sale going on at the moment at Cherry Culture that states there is a 20% off on ALL orders.
But remember that the shipping cost is included
The sale is from Sept 24Th-Sept 30Th. But you won't receive your 20% discount just by buying something from Cherry Culture.
I have a code that will give you your 20% off discount.
The code is: FS20


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ralph Lauren Romance Perfume & Lotion

Good afternoon readers, thank you all for joining us for another review. Today I will be talking about the Ralph Lauren Romance Perfume & Lotion, As you all know it came out a couple of months ago and my mom sad the advertisement on the magazine and she wanted to buy it ever since. Well anyway we went to Macy's and she found the perfume she wanted and she bought it & just so you know my mom bought this perfume on the same day i bought the Viva La Juicy perfume so this perfume has been around for a while now but I never really had the chance to post up a review.
Anyway, The RL Romance Perfume is GREAT! I like the smell, it's one of those perfumes that smells good but doesn't smell too strong and too serious, I don't really know what I mean but I'm telling you anyway. It has a a sophisticated smell, it makes you sharp, daring, smart and attractive. Those are all the words I can think of that describe this perfume. This perfume lasts a long time so as far as lasting a long amount of time it's great. I don't really recommed this perfume for the summer, I think it's far too serious and strong for the summer.
Also, the lotion is great too, it let's the perfume last even longer and you'll smell great when the time comes to hug your husband, boyfriend, friends, family members. I like to call this lotion: "The host master" and the reason I call it that is because when we host parties I have to hug or greet people that show up at our party and they're always asking what kind of lotion or perfume I have on.

So I suggest you buy it.
It's a great $60.00 Investment.

Already have this perfume or lotion? Post a comment and tell us about it.


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash

Good afternoon readers! I want to apologize with all of you that i've been gone for a while; I just started High School and I never knew that it was going to be so busy, new teachers, new friends, new school. But as I said before I wont be on as much or be posting that many blogs, I have school now and I can't handle the stress of having to update and create more postings that usual. So feel free to check out the blog ANYTIME you want I'll update once in a while and inform you of what will be going on in the future. So for now you can contact me at: NO SPAM PLEASE I hate spam and If you will ever trust me enought to give me your email I will never give it away to spammers.

Anyway here's my review on The Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash

First of all, Since I bought it like a month ago I haven't seen much of a difference with my face or anything. I doesnt remove your acne so it's definitely not for that use but it does make your skin feel refreshed as if you just came out of the shower, it does remove the dirt and makeup well but I would recommend to remove the makeup with: Makeup remover pads. [ FYI: I will be posting a review on one of the makeup remover pads i have] Also, it doesn't really clear breakouts but it does somehow keep the pimples from comming out. But once it's there it won't get them off your face but it will keep your face from getting any more acne. It works differently on different people, so warning my review my not be suitable for you skin or anything. Everyone's skin is different so chill back, go try this product out it's available at Wal-Mart for a cheap price (:

Have a nice morning/day/evening/night