Friday, July 30, 2010

3 Affordable Back to School Outfits!

Hey ladies! The days of summer are slowly rolling by and a bunch of stores are starting to put out school supplies & other stuff out for the school year. Yeah i know when we see that we think: "Ohhh man! Summer's ending TOO FAST!" I'm sure we've all gone through that moment. Some of us girls are thrilled & super excited to be coming back to school, but other girls are nervous or just not really wanting to go back to school. BUT weather you like it or not Thee first day of School is coming & it's right around the corner! This is the time when girls go wild a new school year gives us plenty new clothes. But there's also a problem, we suffer when it comes down to our hairstyle, makeup & clothes for the first day of school so I thought I'd help you out with some affordable clothes for your first day of school. Remember you don't need every single of these items to make yourself look glamours!! Wear what you want & what you feel confident in! Good lucks girls!

Back to school outfit #1

Charlotte Russe - Jewelry
$6.50 -
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So i built up this outfit for the more conservative simple girl, I know that sometimes schools have some kind of regulations on what you can wear and what not. So i built up this outfit for the more school appropriate girl and as I've said before I try to make these outfits the most affordable as i can just because having some extra money in your pocket sounds just about great for another trip to the mall or a movie during the weekend.

Back to School Outfit #2

So this outfit is more for the girly girl or the just plain & simple one. This is a great outfit that will look gorgeous on any body shape no matter what kind of style you have. I also think that pastels are a great way to go for the summer because it's comfortable &  it doesn't attract the sun that much.

Back to school outfit #3

As you can see I tried to do a bit more on this one cause i know some of my ladies aren't that girly & what I'm trying to empathize is that you don't need money to feel a million dollars. I also placed three different handbags and shoulder bags to give a option on what would work out that day.

Thursday, July 29, 2010


Hey ladies! I've missed ya'll so much and I'm glad to be back. I'm sorry for the time that I've been gone but man, I've been so busy I'm about to enter my Softmore year in High School and dang well I'm excited. I'm also excited to show you what I got. Please take into consideration that I took all of these pictures at one time and I take time out of my daily routine to show you ladies what I got and taking them isin't cool. So you wanna see what I got? Keep reading!

NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss [MSLP] in "French Kiss"

NYX MSLG in "Dolly Pink"

NYX MSLG in "La-La-Net"
Round Lipstick in "Indian Pink"
Round Lipstick in "NYX"
This color is more like a orangy golden color it's just gorgeous and I'm sure it would look good on my dark skinned ladies! *Much love to ya'll!*
Round Lipstick in "Rose Bud"
This is a gorgeous color it's pink with a little bit of gold! This lipstick would look gorgeous on anybody!
Round Liptstick in "Orange Roda"
Babes don't let the name fool you this color is not that Orangy, This color is more like a nude color but for some reason it looked a really funky on me but I'm sure it's gonna look really nice on you
Round Lipstick in "Frappucino"
This is my favorite color out of all of the lipticks that I bought. Daaaamn this look so good on my lips you got them boys drooling lol. Purchase it! It will look FABULOUS!
NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in "Black Bean"
NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in "Milk"
NYX Glitter Mania

1. Blue Glitter
2. Gold
3. Crystal
4. Apple Glitter
5. Hot Pink
6. Silver

NYX Ultra Pearl Mania in Turquoise Pearl

Here's the video just in case!

FTC:  I am not affiliated with NYX Cosmetics, I bought all these products myself, I am stating my honest opinion, I am not getting paid for this review.

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Sunday, July 11, 2010

My 4th of July Makeup

Hey ladies! I am back with a little makeup tutorial. This tutorial will be made into a video very soon. I just don't have a place to record it because of the lighting but I will be getting a desk soon and I will be finally getting to it.

Here's what my makeup looked like on 4th of July. I hope you like it!

This look was completely made with the 120 Palette 1st Edition

I am so excited to make a makeup tutorial. I don't like you keep you ladies hanging but I just love showing you previews of whats coming up