Tuesday, April 13, 2010

How do i curl my hair with a flat iron?

Hey ladies! I recently did a tutorial on my Youtube Account but for those who do not follow my Youtube Account i decided to post this video as a blog because it's something fun and cool that you can learn. Lemme tell you that i learned the hard way that you cannot always have the same bouncy curls on both sides. Hmm I'm still wondering why but i just can't guess it... Anyways have fun watching it!

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 Hey guys! You may be wondering where all my pictures are, and the truth is...THERE ISIN'T ANY! yep I got rid of them. I recently learned that many of the were copyright and i honestly don't want to be getting into any legal or personal issues with any of these companies or the owners of these pictures. I do take some pictures myself and I honestly think that taking the pictures myself will actually make the review of the product look more convicing. I also have never felt like i have pressured any of you to buy any of the products mentioned on this blog. You always have the last choice. Soo... on the other hand all the pictures that i used and that aren't mine are gone. Pictures will be coming back on soon but as for now you can search for the pictures online if you want to take a look at them at other websites. Not all the pictures will be coming back because some of the products i no longer use or have thrown out because there wasn't anymore. I hope all you understand my situation and i personally do miss all the pictures on the blog i think it made it look a little bit more professional looking.

Thanks for understanding I really appreciate it!.

 Little Miss Glamourxz

Maybelline Pure Makeup Foundation

Hey guys! This is the first foundation I bought when i was staring out with my makeup collection. Neverless to say that I had absolutely no clue on how to pick a foundation.  So honestly I don't know much about foundation at this point, but currently i use the MAC Studio Fix Fluid which is my third foundation that i have bought. Well to start off with this review the packaging doesn't look that nice. You also have to understand that this is a water-based foundation that does not carry any oil whatsoever, which means that this foundation is PERFECT for OILY SKIN! I find this foundation perfect for the summer because it doesn't cause breakouts. I'm not exactly sure but i seemed to notice that my face was a little bit white looking and my face looked like it had glitter on it every single time i would put it on.. I'm not sure if i didn't have the right tone or something but it seemed completely off and a little weird. I got this foundation in Pure Beige Medium 2. To bring the foundation out you have to squeeze the bottle. I think it's very sanitary because you don't want to be getting things into your foundation because that is one of the main reasons you get breakouts and thats also one of the main reasons you should throw out your makeup. But to get to the point of this review i didn't like the foundation at all, i don't think that if i continue using it it's going to make a difference of this review. Personally i would not recommend it but if you want to go for something natural, water-based or oil-free i would definitely go for this foundation. Its really easy to blend too I would blend this foundation into my skin really well and really easy. But overall I wouldn't buy the product again.

FTC: I am not affiliated with Maybelline. I bought this product myself. This review is a 100% honest and i am not getting paid for this review.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Recent NYX Haul & Swatches

Hey everyone! Soo. I was planning to write this blog a long time ago but i haven't had any time. Most of these are NYX but there are some products that are from E.L.F

This is what i bought:
-2 Shine Erasers
-Eyeshadow Bases in Skintone & White
-4 Powder Eyeshadows in Silky Rose, Mauve, Copper,  & Peach
-1 Rouge Blush in Glow
-3 Studio Blush Brushes
-1 Body Bronzer
-1 Angeled Brush
-1 Kabuki Brush

If you are wondering there are swatches of the following blushes here
The swatches listed above are basically self-explanitory if you have any questions of comments please make sure to comment above

Here is the view of the Blush Brushes

FTC: I am not affiliated with any of the companies mentioned above. I bought all the products myself with my hard earned money. I am not giving a review. and I'm not getting paid for anything...So don't trip chocolate chip! <3

Much love!