Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sale at E.L.F

There is another sale going on at Eye Lips Face or E.L.F the sale is regarding the "Studio" products that E.L.F sales, here are the little itsy bitsy teeny weannie DETAILS!
-%50 Off on studio makeup
-It only applies to order of $15 [Which is a pretty good amount]
-It ends on 3/15/2010
Good Luck & Much Love
-Little Miss Glamourxz

FTC: I'm not affiliated with this company, I'm not giving an opinion, I haven't bought anything from this company so far, and i'm not stating an opinion.

The New Sigma Brushes!!

OHMIGOSH READERS! The new Sigma Brushes have arrived!! YAY!

This Brush Kit includes a total of 15 Brushes:
It includes....

  1. Large Powder Brush
  2. Powder/Blush Brush
  3. Duo Fibre Brush
  4. Tapered Face Brush
  5. Tapered Highlight Brush
  6. Large Concealer Brush
  7. Concealer Brush
  8. Small Eyeliner Brush
  9. Flat Definer Brush
  10. Short Shader Brush
  11. Blending Brush
  12. Tapered Blending Brush
  13. Small Tapered Blending Brush
  14. Large Fluff Brush
  15. Lip Brush
This WHOLE brush kit is $149.00 Including the Brush Roll & They ship worldwide

You can find pictures of the Brush Kit here:

FTC: I'm not affiliated with this company, this company hasn't sent me anything free, my opinion isin't stated, and i'm not getting paid for this.

What am I listening to?

Heey! lol okay so I have a feeling you guys are gonna make fun of me for my music. I have "Paisa" music so for my fellow Mexican readers or anyone else that knows what kind of music that is reffered as "Paisa" it's originally called: "Latin, Banda or Norteno". I have a confenssion though :( I'm guilty of music with cuss words. *Shocker* Riiight? Dangg, I ACTUALLY like blogging about myself once in a while it's sorta fun...I like ratting on and on and on for no apparent reason lol :D

PS; It isin't in any particular order.

This is my Myspace Playlist by the way:
1. Girl I Love You-MC Magic
2. El Chingadazo-Banda La Autentica De Jerez *Spanish Song & Info about the song available*
3. Sin Evidencias-Banda MS *Spanish Song*
4. This is us-Keyshia Cole
5. Stick with you-The Pussycat Dolls
6. Right here waiting-White Dawg
7. You belong with me-Taylor Swift
8. The only one-MC Magic
9. Dreaming of You-Selena
10. Nothing left of me-Wisnu
11. Every part of me-Wisnu
12. Hasta la madre de borracho-Los Inquietos del Norte *Spanish Song*
13. Tha Crossroads-Bone Thugs N Harmony
14. Too Close-Next
15. Hey Daddy (Daddy's Home)-Usher

-Info about the song: Sin Evidencias-Banda MS
This song is about a guy that's cheating on his wife with another woman and he tries to find ways to tell her but instead of telling her he just makes up more excuses.

-Info about the song: El Chingadazo-Banda La Autentica De Jerez
This song is sung by a guy in Spanish, it's about a guy thats sick and tired of women playing games with him and basically he's telling them to F*** Off lol.

Info about the song: Hasta la madre de borracho-Los Inquietos del Norte
-This is song is about a guy thats super drunk at a bar. I recommend this song when your like super drunk or you just feel like hearing heavy "Corridos" look up the words you don't know they take a lot of explaining to do. :)

This info was written by me and it's only available for the spanish songs cos i guess you can figure the English song's out right?

Any questions? Comments?

-Little Miss Glamourxz

Friday, February 19, 2010

My little letter...[Personal Blog]

Dear Readers, I've been a little upset lately... I really want to be a make-up artist and it hurts soo bad because I'm still young but i feel like i want to fast forward a little bit and accomplish what i want to do. I'm not even sure how to get my foot in the door. I have so many things i want to buy this year and i really want to get an ahead start on all of it. I'm trying to make money to buy so many things. I'm TRYING very hard but I'm not even sure if I'm succeeding at it. I'm broke. Completely broke. This blog is way personal for me to say. I'm not even sure what I want at this moment. GAH! Its just so stressing but one thing i know is that I'm not going to get anywhere without my high school education. I have bills to pay believe it or not. Phone bill went up to $80.00 now and for a teenager that doesn't have even have a job it's hard making money. I mean all of my money that i have is thanks to my MOM who loves me and supports me. Daddy wasn't there so i was never thought of as a "DADDY'S GIRL" I'm more of a "MOMMY'S GIRL" I mean yeah my parent's were married and they still are but my dad was never really a big figure in my life. Yeah he showed up at graduations and such but nothing really memorable about my dad... I'm not even sure what else to say. I mean i know I'm not plastic or perfect as many of you readers think.. On this beauty blog I'm never really typing anything about myself it's always for someone else to read and for someone to know how to invest in their makeup life, but i honestly can't take it anymore. Look at how I've written this! Half of the words here are possibly spelled wrong right? My grammar hasn't even been that great during this blog. I feel like i just have to let this out, and to the person that's reading this i feel real bad for you lol. I hope I'm not boring you. I'm just over this, i hate being broke. I know the economy isn't as great as we all hoped it was. but damn! it's crashing and ALL OF US are on a sinking ship! I honestly really hope to accomplish my dream if now i have no idea what else I'm going to do. I can't standing wanting to do something with my life real early on and not being able to because of financial issues. i need to make money and i need to make some money NOW! Maybe I'm looking into making a savings account... I need to find ways of getting my hands on many things i want to experiment with.

If you read this thanks for reading. If not stay tunned for more reviews.


Sigma Makeup Brushes

OMG! ladies and gentlemen! I have totally fallen under the sigma spell! <3

Already have the sigma brushes? Love them? Tell me about it.

Love, Glamourxz.

I'm not getting paid by this company. I have not ordered anything from sigma yet. I'm not affiliated with this company. & I'm not stating an opinion.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Studio Fix Fluid Review

Hey ladies and maybe some gentlemen. Thanks for joining me for another review. I really appreciate you all hanging on to read a little bit more. Well... a while ago i started out with makeup it's honestly a hobby of mine and maybe one day i can turn into something i can make a living out of. Well today we're going to be reviewing the MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation. If your not really a big fan of the liquid foundation and you have personally never tried this product before, here's my review:
-Can be very buildable coverage from medium to full.
-AWESOMELY GOOD at making you look stunning and beautiful in pictures.
-Photofriendly foundation.
-Glass Bottle. [It let's you see how much you have left.]

-No pump!
-Can break.

The bottom line this is a great product I honestly recommend it a lot. Very good for taking pictures. I LOVE IT. I have tried many foundations before this and honestly this is possibly the over-all best one i have seen in the whole time i've been doing makeup.

I purchased this product myself. I am not affiliated with MAC Cosmetics. I'm not getting paid for this review. && This is my 100% honest opinion.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Replica's are ILLEGAL?!

Hi! Readers! I'm sooo sorry I've been gone for sooo long. I hope you don't feel like I haven't left you out in a while. To make it up to you I PROMISE...well better yet I PINKY PROMISE! to post as many blogs as I can.

So today's topic is: Replica's.
So I'm sure many of you have been star strucked by the economy lately and most of you have been minimizing your trips to the mall, restaurants and all that other good stuff and hopefully you haven't been losing your car or house and if you are, best wishes to you. Since the economy has been going down hill many people have turned to replica's. But speaking of replicas it's not just ONE specific brand. There's MAC, GUCCI, BURBERRY, FENDI, CHANEL, LOUIS VUITTON, PRADA & COACH! That have been replica's. Ocasionally you will see ad's somewhere online saying that they have 24 MAC Brushes for $36.00 and your looking at the pictures but they look real to you. So you buy them but when they come through the mail you start realizing that they're fake MAC BRUSHES! I know what there's many of us who cannot pay $17.00 for an eyeshadow from MAC or someone who cannot afford to pay $690.00 for a Speedy 30 from Louis Vuitton. Yes ladies and maybe some gentlemen we have needs haha, I'm not really supporting the whole don't buy a replica thing because well we all want nice things right? But we can't go around buying fake replicas. But then again when you think about it, all those brands I named above have workers making these nice leather goods for you with high quality but not only does a purse/handbag/tote become part of your wardrobe it becomes part of life. Also, your paying a random person $65.00 or maybe even $180.00 for a fake purse, when all the credit should be going out to the companies listed above. Yeah they're expensive but save a little put some money into your piggy bank. DON'T buy replica's from random sites or people, and if you EVER decide to sell fake stuff it's ILLEGAL and you can get SUED or throwin into JAIL for it. && It's funny cause the companies have EVERY RIGHT to do so.

Thats real talk lol I hope.


The companies I have mentioned here have NOT paid me at all for posting this blog. I'm not affiliated with any of these companies. & I have not been given or bought any products i'm reviewing.