Monday, August 16, 2010

MAC Venomous Villains Collection for Disney

Heey ladies i'm back. Well you've seen the picture towards the left of this text and you know it has something know do with MAC & Villans... Do you know what it is?? Yes? Or no? Ok ready or not here it comes. Remember those nice Disney movies we would all watch {or some of us still watch} back in our childhood?? Well MAC & Disney have combined together and created this new collection called: Venomous Villains. It's basically all of the villans from Disney made into MAC Products. As a Corella Daville fan I am thrilled because I will actually get to own a product that she's in!

Here's is another picture:

Here are the launch dates: 
U.S. Launch Date: September 30th, 2010 (online as early as 9/27)
International Launch Date: October 2010

For more information & pictures please reffer to this article

just because most of the info is already posted there & i don't want to copy or take things from this article because it's tons of work to make a put info together.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Glamour Talk; Late July Favorites

Hey ladies. So do you wanna know what my favorites have been for July?? Well here are all my favorite products (:

FTC: I am not affiliated with any of the companies mentioned in this video. I bought all these products myself. I'm not stating an opinion and I'm not getting paid for this video.