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January: Ruby's Top 15 SONGS This Month (:

Hey ladies & gents!! Want to know what have been my favorite jams this month??  I'm going to list all of them in no particular order? READY? OKAY!

  1. No one else comes close-Joe
  2. Count on you- Big Time Rush ft Jordin Sparks
  3. Smile-Tamia
  4. Fighter-Christina Aguliera 
  5. Yo no se manana-Luis Enrique
  6. Amor Quedate-Jen Carlos **OMG THIS SONG IS AWESOME! IT'S SO ROMANTIC!**
  7. Yeah 3x-Chris Brown
  8. Firework-Katy Perry
  9. You got it bad-Usher
  10. Moving Mountains-Usher
  11. Your my lady-NB Ridaz
  12. Notice me-NB Ridaz
  13. Forever-NB Ridaz
  14. Love Story-Taylor Swift
  15. Bottoms up-Trey Songz Ft Nicki Minaj

Picture came from It's not mine!

**Let me know what are your favorite songs this month! I would love to know!**


Thursday, January 20, 2011


Oh no! You guys don't have me cause I haven't posted any blogs lately! I'm SOOOOORY. I guess I don't really have awesomely good reasons to give you this time. I've just been posting and trying really hard to get some followers on my youtube channel it's a lot harder than it looks. I think about all of you frequently and it hurts me soo much! :( i hope you all have been checking my youtube channel for updates since I do post on that channel more than I do here. My last post hasn't been in the longest time.. by the wayyy i think i'm going to open a new blog and make it my personal blog for all my personal dirty little secrets! lol that sounds wayy too strange! lol. So for now i'm going to post another blog here for for all of you that have been expecting my arrival I'm currently sick so i'll make sure I post some pretty darn good blogs to make up for the time that has been wasted!