Friday, August 28, 2009

Smooth Away

Good afternoon readers! I'm glad to be back to write a blog about a product I bought when it came back but I never really bothered to write anything about it now. So here goes my little review I tried it on my legs but I didn't really find that it did much of a difference, I mean I'm not saying that it sucks and it doesn't work but I think that all of you are better off shaving or waxing your sensitive areas. DO NOT use this on your face it gets it irritated and sometimes it starts bleeding so that's just a tip don't use it on underarms, face or bikini area id say just use it for your legs. The package looks like it does in the picture bellow, it comes with two handles for the application and 4 pads [Yeah I know it looks like sandpaper] for the big handle and 4 pads for the smaller hand held applicator.
I personally think that this product is pretty cheap i bought it for $10.00 not that much I know but when you think
about it you could of maybe bought something else with it. If i were you i would just look at this product in you near by shelf of your drugstore but don't waste your money or time buying it.

Here is everything outline into single bullet points (:

--Pros: You don't have to take a shower to use it like shaving but you have to have dry CLEAN skin.

--Cons: This product is a NO NO for people with sensitive skin

--Would i buy it again? NOPES save your money and just invest on your own waxing kit or more razors

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


What is up readers? I'm sure you all know that I am starting this year as a Freshmint (: [Yes freshmint.] & The school year is coming up which is bad news for all of my dear loved readers D: I'm not going to have that much time as I did before...Well in other words I'm not going to have that much time on my hands like when i started blogging this during the summer.

I'm not giving away the blog--OR--Going on Hiatus


--I'LL TRY to post blog entries during the weekends or the weekdays ONLY IF I can.

--Smooth Away POSTED
--Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash POSTED
--Ralph Lauren Romance Perfume & Lotion POSTED





LISTEN UP READERS! There is a sale at Cherry Culture! For all of you that haven't heard of Cherry Culture there is a great site in which they sale cosmetics for a cheapper price than they do at their original website or store.

For more info on Cherry Culture check out my blog post:

Whats the sale called?
The back-to-school sale
What's the deal?
They take off %20 off on ALL orders
How long is the sale?
The sale is from August 18th-August 23rd
When does this end?
August 23rd
Whats the catch?
ALL sales are FINAL & there are NO RETURNS or EXCHANGES

Thank you!
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Monday, August 10, 2009

Knowing when to toss your cosmetics

Bring out your makeup bag and your garbaje can and get ready to throw things away!
  • Foundation:
  • How long is the shelf life? One year to be exact if it's water based or on top of that about 18 months if it's oil-based
  • How do i store it? Make sure to keep the lid tightly closed, also do always use a sponge not your fingers to apply it.
  • When do i toss it? You toss it when it becomes too dry, difficult to apply, or if it starts smelling funny.

  • Nail Polish:
  • How long is the shelf life? Two years to be exact
  • How do i store it? Keep it in a cool dry place.
  • When do i toss it? You toss when the nail polish becomes thick, the color turns, starts to separate or if off color nail polish doesn't change after a good shake.

  • Mascara:
  • How long is the shelf life? Sad but true the shelf life of mascara is three months
  • How do i store it? Never use saliva or water to thin out mascara--It can encourage bacteria growth, don't share it with other people, or touch anything but your eyelashes with the brush
  • When do i toss it? You toss it when it smells funny, it's too difficult to apply, or gets dry.

  • Eyeshadow and Blush:
  • How long is the shelf life? Two or three years for powders, and one year for creams.
  • How do i store it? Keep products dry and don't forget to clean the brushes often
  • When do I toss it? You toss it when the powder beggins to crumble, when the cream changes texture and/or smell.

  • Eyeliner and Lipliner:
  • How long is the shelf life? Six to twelve months for liquids, or two to three years for pencils.
  • How do I store it? Keep bottles liquid bottles tightly sealed, and sharpen pencils to expose a fresh point right before you use them.
  • When do I toss it? You toss it when the liquids start having a change of consistency, smell, or color. Pencils are out when the pencil becomes: dry, the tip becomes white, or if the pencil smells.

  • Perfume:
  • How long is the shelf life? Three years from the date of manufacture for perfume that has been stored, unopened in a cool dark place.
  • How do I store it? Keep perfume tightly all the time. [Open perfume can increase the delicate ration of the perfume and allow evaporation. ]
  • When do I toss it? You have to replace this regularly, Perfume breaks down over some time so you should think about replacing Perfume or Cologne on somewhat a regular basis

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wishlist: Coach Tribeca Patent Tote

Hi readers! Guess what? My birthday is coming up! That's exciting isint it? Well there's is something I've wanted for my birthday for a while now and You might be thinking "what is that Coach Tote bag doing next to this text?" Well you guessed it. I want this tote bag for my birthday! There is nothing i will appreciate more than this tote bag, it's around $298.00 and i want it in purple! ------> My favorite color is purple in case you don't know (: I've seen this tote bag in person and man i almost drooled all over it! But my mommy wouldn't buy it so now i'm gonna go to work this weekend and hopefully I'll make enough money to buy this tote bag! But then i keep thinking that i have to pay my cell phone bill this month and my cell phone bill is like $62.00 but hopefully i won't have to pay it til the 27th! Isin't this funny? I'm 13, I like wearing make-up, I have an obsession with purses, I have a boyfriend, I have a fashion blog AND I have a job in which i get paid. Wow you don't hear that every day! anyway if you ever feel like giving me something that's the first thing you should think off. Thanks for reading! (:


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Viva La Juicy Perfume

I am absolutely love this perfume I just got at Macy's on Sunday, I really don't know how to describe the scent to you I mean I've always been the kind of girl that likes the fruity, sugary scent's, I was never a real big fan of the whole heavy kind of smell, this one is really light and fruity but it's awesome if your gonna go to the beach or if your gonna go clubbing with the girls. Anyway back to talking about this perfume I love it, my boyfriend Love's it too. I hate to admit it but I love it, and the cutest part of this perfume is the logo on the box and the little bow on the perfume. I don't know if it's just me but it makes me feel all glamours! It's a great buy you won't regret it for sure! The gift set I got at Macy's though has a: Shower Gel, Perfume & Lotion. I use all three when I'm going out. Absolutely a great buy, I hate to admit that when this bottle runs out I'm going to go to Macy's and buy another one. Maybe while I'm there I'll buy the Channel No. 5, anyway enough after reading this review i suggest you run to the nearest Macy's and buy it.

I bought this perfume for:

  • I got the gift set with the Shower Gel, Perfume & Lotion

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Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Good afternoon readers, I had recently made another adventure. I actually ordered something from Cherry Culture. For all of you that haven't browsed through the site of Cherry Culture or haven't heard of it, Cherry Culture is a site in which they sale different cosmetics for cheaper prices than in your region, state or country.
The different cosmetic brands they feature are:
  1. Amuse 15. Kitten Vixen 29. Princessa
  2. Beauty Blender 16. Klean Color 30. Sasi
  3. Blah Blah 17. L.A Girl 31. Sinful Colors
  4. Bloom Cosmetics 18. L.A Colors 32. Splash
  5. Bratz 19. Lucky Chick 33. Starry
  6. Crazy Rumors 20. Lulu Beauty 34. Styli-Style
  7. Eyeko 21. Luscious 35. SUGAR Cosmetics
  8. Freeze 24.7 22. Me! Bath 36. Sugar Baby
  9. Fresh Scents 23. MILANI 37. TINte
  10. Girlatick Beauty 24. MOR Cosmetics 38. Wild and Crazy
  11. Girlies 25. NYX Cosmetics 39. Zalan
  12. Jelly Pong Pong 26. Pinkie Swear
  13. Juice Beauty 27. Playboy Beauty
  14. Kissywear 28. Pookie

They feature so many brands and most of the things they have there are really cool, it's afforadble and they are also very organized, i ordered some eyeshadow from NYX & Princessa and it didin't take that long to get it to my house, and it all c
ame nothing was missed and nothing was damaged during the shipping. They currently pay for shipping and handling on orders higher than $40.00 [ONLY IN THE U.S] They have a great service because they never have hidden fee's.
  • Starry Boutique Colors Blusher and Bronzer Kit $8.00--RECOMMENDED

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